1. Litlington Village Hall operates under the control of a management committee, and the decisions of the committee shall be final with regard to all matters affecting hiring.
  2. The committee reserves the right to accept or decline a hiring at its absolute discretion.
  3. Hirers and users accept and agree to be bound by these rules as a condition precedent to each hiring.
  4. Hiring periods and charges are set out in the accompanying table. Different levels of charge apply to those hirers who are resident in the parishes of Litlington, West Dean and Lullington and to those who are not resident.
  5. Hiring Charges are payable in full at the time of booking the Hall. In addition non-resident  hirers must at the same time pay a deposit of £50.
  6. Where electricity is shown as an additional charge this will be based on meter readings taken at the start and end of the hiring. This charge will be billed separately.
  7. A fee of £5 is payable in the event of cancellation. This will be deducted from any refund due to the hirer.
  8. Hirers are responsible for leaving the Hall and its facilities clean and tidy after use. If this is not the case, the committee reserves the right to charge an additional cleaning fee.
  9. Any and all damage including breakages howsoever caused must be reported at the time and paid for by the hirer. The committee will see to the making of any repairs by its chosen contractor(s).
  10. All lights and heaters are to be switched off at the end of the hiring session.
  11. Users may make use of the village hall’s car park. It should be noted that there is one space reserved for use by the disabled.
  12. Clapham Lane is a private road and vehicles may not be parked along it.
  13. Smoking is not permitted within any part of the building.
  14. Licenses: A number of activities require temporary events licences.  If the hiring involves the sale of alcohol, music, dancing or gambling a licence may be needed – obtainable from the local authority.  Any hirer envisaging any of these activities must declare it when booking the Hall and obtain specific consent before seeking the necessary licence(s).  It the hirer’s responsibility to obtain, and pay for, such licences.
  15. Noise: Hirers are expected to ensure that activities do not cause nuisance or disturbance to the occupiers of nearby properties.  The volume of any music must be kept to reasonable, acceptable, levels.  No loud music is to be played after 11.00 p.m.